2008 Press Releases

APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting
San Antonio, Texas
November 23 - 25, 2008

Press releases highlight particular presentations at the Meeting.

November 25, 2008
The Physics of Explosives and Blast Helmets: New Research Aims to Better Protect Against Improvised Explosive Devices
November 23, 2008
The Physics of Golf Balls: New Research Aims to Help Golfers by Producing Better Balls that Fly Farther
November 13, 2008
Robotic Hummingbirds, Burrowing Clams, Embryonic Hearts, the Secrets of the Bat’s Flap, and a Dolphin Swimming Mystery Solved
November 6, 2008
Jupiter's Shrinking Red Spot, Oil Spills, Spreading Germs, Flexible Flying Machines, and the Mysteries of Sand Ripples on Mars
October 24, 2008
The Physics of Star-Forming Clouds, Spider Webs, Sand Dunes, Tears, Flames, and the Urban Environment