Stretching and Deformation of a Viscous Filament in a Turbulent Flow

Monica Martinez and R. Zenit
Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Stretching and Deformation of a Viscous Filament

We are studying the process of deformation and breakup of a viscous thread immersed in a turbulent flow. The motivation for this study arises from the need to understand the mechanisms that controls the formation of emulsions of very viscous liquids, a process that will be used to handle highly viscous oil residues. The visualization was obtained with a high-speed camera at 250 frames/s. These images show a time sequence of a viscous thread being deformed under the action of water turbulent flow. We have observed that the thread is surprisingly stable: it is largely stretched before breakup is observed. The turbulent fluctuations elongate the filament such that its diameter progressively thins in time.

This investigation is funded by the National Autonomous University of Mexico research program (PAPIIT-UNAM).

Reporters and Editors

Reporters can freely use this image. Credit: M. Martinez Thesis (UNAM), 2009.