60th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Invited Talks

2007 Fluid Dynamics Prize (Otto Laporte Lecture)

Guenter AhlersSession CTb.00001: Pattern Formation and Turbulence in Convection, the Legacy of Henri Bénard
Guenter Ahlers
Dept. of Physics and iQCD UCSB

2007 Francois Frenkiel Award

Re'em SariSession MS.00001: Relativistic Self-Similar Solutions: Explosions, Implosions and Shock Breakouts
Re'em Sari


2007 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award

David SaintillanSession MT.00001: Collective dynamics in suspensions of anisotropic and deformable particles
David Saintillan


Invited Speakers

Gary ParkerSession DS.00001: Morphodynamics of Rivers and Turbidity Currents: an Elegant Conversation between Water and Sediment
Gary Parker
Dept. of Civil & Eniv. Eng.

Timothy PedleySession DT.00001: Collective hydrodynamics of swimming micro-organisms
Timothy Pedley
University of Cambridge


Katepalli SreenivasanSession HS.00001: Vortices, particles and superfluidity
Katepalli Sreenivasan
ICTP, Trieste & Univ. of Maryland


Z. Jane WangSession HT.00001: Insect Flight: Aerodynamics, Efficiency, and Evolution
Z. Jane Wang
Cornell University


Olivier PouliquenSession IS.00001: Flow of Dense Granular Media; A Peculiar Liquid
Olivier Pouliquen


John BushSession IT.00001: Entomological fluid dynamics
John Bush


James M. WallaceSession LS.00001: Twenty years of experimental and DNS access to the velocity gradient tensor: What we have learned about turbulence
James M. Wallace


Juan SantiagoSession LT.00001: Making Shock Waves in Microfluidics: The Physics and Applications of Isotachophoresis
Juan Santiago