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Bertozzi, Andrea L. [2016]
University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For seminal work on thin film fluid analysis and modeling, contributions to the understanding of vorticity and incompressible flow, experimentation on particle laden-free surface flow, and application of fluid models to biological and technological problems.

Ghoniem, Ahmed [2016]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For contributions to computational fluid dynamics with vortex and particle methods, flame modeling for turbulent combustion, and explanation and control of combustion dynamics.

Hilgenfeldt, Sascha [2016]
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of bubble dynamics; foam dynamics including structure drainage, coarsening, aging, and instabilities; bubble-powered microfluidics; and mechanics, structure, and statistics of biological cells and tissues.

Lauga, Eric [2016]
University of Cambridge
Citation: For outstanding theoretical contributions to a wide variety of low-Reynolds-number biological flows.

Limat, Laurent [2016]
Citation: For wide-ranging studies of the fluid dynamics of complex fluids and free-surface flows, including coating flows, wetting, drying, colloidal deposition, and the effects of soft substrates.

McKeon, Beverley [2016]
California Institute of Technology
Citation: For experimental and theoretical contributions to advancing the understanding of wall turbulence and for elegant interdisciplinary approaches to modeling and flow manipulation.

Oberlack, Martin [2016]
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Citation: For pioneering the application of symmetry methods to study turbulence, combustion, stability theory, aerodynamic noise and turbulence modeling, and for deriving new conservation laws in fluid mechanics.

Papageorgiou, Demetrios T. [2016]
Imperial College London
Citation: For important contributions in analyzing and computing nonlinear phenomena in interfacial flows, including jet breakup, core-annular flows and multilayer flows, in the presence of surfactants and electric fields, with industrial and everyday applications.

Pirozzoli, Sergio [2016]
University of Rome - Sapienza
Citation: For the development of elegant and accurate numerical methods, and for fundamental insights into turbulence and shock-turbulence interactions in high-speed flows.

Reeks, Mike [2016]
University of Newcastle
Citation: For seminal contributions to the statistics of particle motion and dispersion in various turbulent flows.

Reese, Jason [2016]
University of Edinburgh
Citation: For original contributions to multiscale fluid dynamics research, unique work in rarefied gas dynamics, pioneering hybrid modelling, and simulation methods for flows at the micro- and nanoscales.

Rusak, Zvi [2016]
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Citation: For seminal contributions to the theoretical understanding of vortex flow stability and the vortex breakdown phenomenon, and for insightful analytical studies of viscous flow dynamics, transonic flows, and aerodynamics of airfoils.

Sherwin, Spencer [2016]
Imperial College London
Citation: For contributions to computational fluid dynamics through the development of unstructured spectral element methods and the insightful application to cardiovascular, bluff body, and vortex flows.

Sutherland, Bruce R. [2016]
University of Alberta
Citation: For pioneering research on internal waves, co-invention of the synthetic Schlieren method, and writing an influential textbook on internal waves.

Tsamopoulos, John [2016]
University of Patras
Citation: For outstanding contributions, via insightful computations and analyses, to the fundamental understanding of flows of two-phase materials and viscoplastic fluids.

Yarin, Alexander L. [2016]
University of Illinois at Chicago
Citation: For seminal theoretical and experimental contributions to the understanding of capillary and bending instabilities in jets, drop impact, splashing, and electrospinning processes.

Zenit, Roberto [2016]
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Citation: For outstanding contributions in bubbly and granular flows, and for dedicated service to strengthening the fluid dynamics community in Mexico.