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Alfredsson, P. Henrik [2012]
Royal Inst of Tech
Citation: For the development of innovative, creative and rigorous experimental methods leading to seminal contributions to our understanding of instabilities, transitional and turbulent flows

Dowling, David R. [2012]
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Citation: For conduct and analysis of experiments on turbulent mixing and high-Reynolds number wall-bounded flows, and for contributions to fluids education

Ganan-Calvo, Alfonso M. [2012]
Universidad de Sevilla
Citation: Novel insights, including experiments and theory, for molding fluid jets into micro jets using aerodynamic, hydrodynamic or electrical forces

Gutmark, Ephraim [2012]
University of Cincinnati
Citation: For his pioneering contributions to the fundamental flow physics of noise, combustion, and propulsion, and the development of flow control methodologies to achieve quiet aircraft engines, clean, stable and efficient combustion, and innovative propulsion systems

Henningson, Dan S. [2012]
Kungliga Tek Hogskolan KTH
Citation: For pioneering contributions to linear and nonlinear hydrodynamic stability and numerical simulations of transitional and turbulent flows, including in-depth understanding of the concept of receptivity, bypass transition and flows over complex surfaces, as well as feedback control of these flows

Hosoi, Anette E. [2012]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For her innovative work in thin fluid films and in the study of nonlinear interactions between viscous fluids and deformable interfaces including shape, kinematic and rheological optimization in biological systems

Koumoutsakos, Petros [2012]
ETH Zurich
Citation: For his pioneering contributions in the development of vortex methods, multi-scale particle methods, and bio-inspired optimization algorithms and his insightful use of these methods to advance fundamental understanding of bluff body flows, biological flows, and nanofluidics

Lebowitz, Norman R. [2012]
University of Chicago
Citation: For fundamental work on the fluid mechanics of rotating stars and self-gravitating masses, and for the development and use of mathematical methods applied to problems of geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics

Noack, Bernd R. [2012]
Citation: For pioneering contributions to closed-loop turbulence control from reduced-order modelling to numerical and experimental demonstrations

Patankar, Neelesh A. [2012]
Northwestern University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the understanding of superhydrophobicity, the development of computational methods for immersed bodies, and the numerical analysis of electroosmotic flows

Pitsch, Heinz [2012]
Stanford University
Citation: For groundbreaking contributions to the development of large-eddy simulations of turbulent combustion as well as their application to aircraft-engine, gas-turbine and reciprocating-engine combustion

Schultz, William W. [2012]
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Citation: For deep contributions to nonlinear water waves, die swell, fiber formation and fish swimming, using innovative asymptotic methods and numerical techniques in FEM, BIM and spectral representation

Thoroddsen, Sigurdur T. [2012]
King Abdullah Univ
Citation: For the development and use of high-speed imaging to understand the dynamics of small-scale multiphase and interfacial flows, leading to fundamental new understanding of the behavior of the bubbles and drops, breakup and coalescence, cavitation, splashes and other free surface flows

Vasilyev, Oleg V. [2012]
University of Colorado, Boulder
Citation: For pioneering work on adaptive wavelet methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics, fundamental contributions to the advancement of Adaptive Large Eddy Simulation approach and explicit filtering in LES, and the development of volume penalization methods for compressible flows

Yoda, Minami [2012]
Georgia Institute of Technology
Citation: For outstanding contributions to experimental fluid dynamics and optical diagnostics and, specifically, for innovative contributions to the development of evanescent-wave illumination techniques to study flows in near-wall regions