Xiaoyi Li
United Technologies Research Center


"Computational study of fluid particles: dynamics of drops, rheology of emulsions and mechanics of biological cells"


Xiaoyi Li received a Bachelor of Science in Thermal Fluid Engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China in May 2001. He conducted graduate research in the Depart-ment of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware and obtained his PhD in 2007. His thesis work on the multi-phase flow of drops, capsules and cells was advised by Prof. Kausik Sarkar. The work was published in Physical Review Letters, Physics of Fluids, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, and Journal of Computational Physics and other major journals in fluid dynamics community. Xiaoyi received the 2007 Allan P. Colburn Best Dissertation Award by University of Delaware. After graduation, he was working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation at Idaho National Laboratory. The work involved multi-phase fluid dynamics modeling of complex subsurface reactive transport processes with applica-tions to contaminant immobilization and shale oil extraction. Currently, Xiaoyi is working as a Senior Research Scientist at United Technologies Research Center. His current research focuses on multi-scale multi-phase flow modeling of spray atomization in reacting environment as mani-fested in aero-engines, rockets and industrial gas turbines.