January 2012

In This Issue

Important dates:

APS March Meeting Registration deadline (lower fees): 06 Jan 2012

APS March Meeting Housing deadline: 12 Jan 2012

APS March Meeting Late Registration deadline (higher fees): 27 Jan 2012

Nomination deadline for 2012 APS Fellowship through DCP: 01 Feb 2012

Dependent Child Care Award applications through DCP deadline: 17 Feb 2012

Nomination deadline for 2013 Plyler Prize due: 01 Jul 2012

Nomination deadline for 2013 Langmuir Prize due: 01 Jul 2012

Nomination deadline for 2013 Broida Prize due: 01 Jul 2012

Graduate Student Travel Awards


In the fall, the DCP offered Graduate Student Travel Awards for DCP student members who present in a DCP-sponsored session. We are pleased to announce the 2 winners of the 2012 DCP GSTA competition:

  • Megan Harberts, Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
  • Zhiwei Lin, Department of Chemistry, Tulane University

Please congratulate our GSTA winners when you see them at the meeting!

DCP Graduate Student Lunch with the Experts

Graduate students are invited to attend Graduate Student Lunch with the Experts at the APS March Meeting on Tuesday, March 28 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM in the Convention Center. DCP will host two tables. Prof. Jim Skinner, University of Wisconsin - Madison, will discuss theoretical condensed phase spectroscopy in chemical physics. Prof. David Jonas, University of Colorado, will lead a discussion on experimental studies of fast electronic and vibrational spectroscopy in chemical physics.

The Division Meeting at the 2012 March Meeting in Boston


5:45 PM in the Convention Center, Room 107B.

New APS Fellows will be recognized! All are welcome!

2011 APS Fellows and 2012 Fellowship Nominations:

The DCP is pleased to congratulate the newest APS Fellows elected through the division:

We encourage the nomination for fellowship of deserving candidates. Nominations for 2012 APS Fellowship to be considered by the DCP Fellowship Committee should be made before the deadline, 1 February 2012.

Instructions for submitting a nomination are included on the APS web site.

DCP Elections for 2012-13 Officers

The DCP is pleased to announce the results of our divisional officer election:

Vice-chair (03/12-03/13): Gilbert Nathanson
Member at large (03/12-03/15): Robert Continetti

Congratulations to our newest officers!