APS Fellowship

Fellowship in the American Physical Society is a great honor. In accordance with the APS Constitution,

"there shall be elected to Fellowship only such Members who have contributed to the advancement of physics by independent, original research or who have rendered some other special service to the cause of the sciences."

All DCP members are invited to nominate deserving colleagues as potential Fellows of the APS. Information on the APS Fellowship Program is available from the APS Fellowship page and nomination forms can also be downloaded. Nominations for the Division of Chemical Physics are due in February of each year.

Gray arrow DCP Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Monday, April 1, 2019
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APS Fellows Nominated by DCP  

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Coe, James V. [2008]
The Ohio State University
Citation: For his pioneering work in the study of hydrated electron clusters, ion solvation, ion absorption spectroscopy, cation/anion recombination, doubly-charged fullerene anions, and surface-plasmon mediated transmission of metal microarrays.

Elber, Ron [2008]
University of Texas, Austin
Citation: For contributions to computational chemical physics, through the development and application of algorithms and theories for the static and dynamic behavior of macromolecules, including methods for the simulation of long time events in complex systems.

Luzar, Alenka [2008]
Virginia Commonwealth University
Citation: For her elegant and pioneering contributions to fundamental theory of aqueous interfaces, dynamics of hydrogen bonds in condensed phase systems, phase behavior of confined water, and kinetics of aqueous self-assembly.

Pate, Brooks H. [2008]
University of Virginia
Citation: Brooks H. Pate is recognized for his contributions to understanding intramolecular vibrational dynamics and for the development of laser- and microwave spectroscopy techniques to probe molecular kinetics by dynamic rotational spectroscopy.

Piecuch, Piotr [2008]
Michigan State University
Citation: For his outstanding contributions to electronic structure and quantum many-body theories, in particular developments in coupled-cluster theory, important advances in understanding molecular properties, chemical reactivities and intermolecular interactions as well as nuclear structure, through discerning use of computational methods.

Prezhdo, Oleg [2008]
University of Washington
Citation: Development of novel methodology for quantum mechanical dynamics with applications to elucidate chemical behavior in complex systems.

Stolow, Albert [2008]
Steacie Institute
Citation: For contributions to ultrafast laser science as applied to molecular physics, including time-resolved studies of non-adiabatic dynamics in excited molecules, non-perturbative quantum control of molecular dynamics, and dynamics of polyatomic molecules in strong laser fields.

Thornton, Geoffrey [2008]
University College of London
Citation: For the pioneering use of synchrotron radiation techniques and scanning probe methods to explore the surface chemical physics of metal oxides.

Weisman, R. Bruce [2008]
Rice University
Citation: For pioneering research in the spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes and the application of nanotube fluorescence in novel physical, chemical, analytical, and biomedical studies.

Wodtke, Alec M. [2008]
University of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For contributions to our understanding of the fundamental interactions of molecules with solid surfaces, by combining methods of laser spectroscopy, molecular beams and UHV surface science.