Materials Science Collaborative Activities

M. Ishida and Y. Zempo, (Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.)
S. Ohnishi (NEC Corp.)
A. Fukumoto, K. Miwa (TOYOTA Central R&D Labs.)
S. Itoh (TOSHIBA Corp.)
H. Odaka (Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.)
M. Iwasawa, T. Saito (Sony Corp.)
A. Kato, H. Rikukawa (FDK Corp.)
M. Nishitsuka (PIONEER Electronic Corp.)
M. Takimoto, H. Shibuki, Y. Ohtani (Fuji Research Institute Corp.)
Y. Inoue, M. Tanoura (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

As a research community for computational materials science and related fields, the CAMP project was established in 1990 by researchers and engineers in Japanese industries to share knowledge and techniques of computational methods, and to make a base code for anyone to handle easily. Our first code named CAMP-Atami, a Car-Parrinello type of program, was available for public use in 1994. Several new programs are being developed; one in a plane wave basis, one in a mixed basis, one by an adaptive coordinate method, one based on parallel computing, one for pseudopotential generation, etc. Recently published computational techniques are also involved in the programs.


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