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A Note from the 2011 DCMP Program Chair/Chair Elect

Dear DCMP Members,

We bring you this Winter Newsletter to make a number of announcements that you should find of great interest. These include: our election results, our Buckley and Davisson-Germer Prize winners, and our new APS Fellows sponsored by DCMP. We also provide a glimpse of 2011 APS March Meeting events that DCMP organized or is co-sponsoring. This includes invited sessions with a variety of exciting scientific themes, award sessions, and innovative outreach/education sessions. You will still need to find detailed information in the APS March Meeting Program and Show Guide for 2011. But we thought that you would enjoy getting an overview of what is in store for Dallas, Texas from March 20-25.

We especially point out that we will be celebrating the Discovery of Superconductivity by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes in 1911 with a trio of Superconductivity Centennial Symposia. One is dedicated to historical perspectives, sponsored by the APS Forum on the History of Physics (FHP), one provides perspectives by Nobel prize winners in superconductivity and related fields, and one is dedicated to future research opportunities. The latter two symposia we co-sponsored with the Division of Materials Physics (DMP).

The DCMP invited symposia and special events, that are listed in this Newsletter, involve about 220 invited speakers. The DCMP program itself will encompass contributed sessions with thousand of additional presenters. You will be able to choose from approximately 7,700 presentations overall. The March Meeting is your meeting! We hope you will enjoy it! We invite you to participate in our DCMP-co-sponsored Reception followed by our Business Meeting where you can tell the members of our Executive Committee of your vision for the future of our Division.

We hope to see you in Dallas!

Sam Bader
Chair Elect and 2011 DCMP Program Chair

DCMP Election Results

Here are the results of the 2010 Division of Condensed Matter Physics election for Vice-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, and Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee:

Vice-Chair: Allan MacDonald

Secretary-Treasurer: Nicholas Bonesteel

Members-at-Large: Jim Sauls, Nandini Trivedi, Nai-Chang Yeh.

Approximately 21% of the 5631 DCMP members voted in this election.

I would like to extend congratulations to those elected, and express my gratitude to all those who agreed to stand as candidates – the Division greatly benefits from our colleagues who are willing to run for office and serve the condensed matter physics community.

I would also like to thank our colleagues who are leaving office: David Pine (Past Chair), and Bill Halperin, Jainendra Jain, and Beth Parks (Members-at-Large). All four have performed valuable service for the Division.

Finally, a warm thanks to Paul Goldbart, Chair of the Nominating Committee; to Irina Bariakhtar, our webmaster, who formatted the biographical information and statements for the DCMP website and APS election site; and to Jim Egan and his IT colleagues at the APS.

Alan Dorsey
DCMP Secretary-Treasurer

Postscript: And we are deeply grateful to our retiring Secretary-Treasurer, Alan Dorsey, for his selfless dedication and outstanding service to the Division.

DCMP Sponsored Prize Winners for 2011

Oliver E. Buckley Prize (DCMP):

Juan Carlos Campuzano (Argonne National Laboratory)
Peter Johnson (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford University)

For innovations in angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, which advanced the understanding of the cuprate superconductors, and transformed the study of strongly-correlated electronic systems.

Davisson-Germer Prize (DAMOP & DCMP):

Joachim Stöhr (Stanford University)

For the development of soft x-ray based spectroscopy and microscopy leading to fundamental contributions to the understanding of chemical bonding, magnetism and dynamics at surfaces and interfaces.


New APS Fellows Sponsored by DCMP

Belitz, Dietrich
University of Oregon
Citation: For work on classical and quantal phase transitions, and the nature of phases affected by generic scale invariance.

Besenbacher, Flemming
University of Aarhus
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of atomic scale processes on solid surfaces, leading to breakthroughs in catalysis and nanotechnology.

Crooker, Scott
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For the development of magneto-optical spectroscopies and their applications to colloidal quantum dots and electron spin transport and noise in semiconductors.

Ding, Hong
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of strongly correlated materials, particularly the high-temperature superconductors.

Dobrosavljevic, Vladimir
Florida State University
Citation: For research on fundamental localization processes near the metal-insulator transition, particularly the interplay of strong electronic correlations, disorder, and quantum glassy dynamics.

Engel, Lloyd
Florida State University
Citation: For contributions to the study of the quantum Hall effects and associated electron solid phases using microwaves in very high magnetic fields.

Fichthorn, Kristen
Penn State University
Citation: For simulations that revealed new phenomena in the kinetics of reaction systems, self-assembly of nanostructures, and diffusion in mesoporous systems.

Fuhrer, Michael
University of Maryland, College Park
Citation: For experimental studies of the electronic transport properties of carbon nanotubes and graphene.

Furtak, Tom
Colorado School of Mines
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of surface enhanced Raman scattering.

Gilbert, Pupa
University of Wisconsin
Citation: For contributions to synchrotron spectromicroscopy and its application to cancer therapy, tribology, and biomineralization.

McQueeney, Robert
Iowa State University
Citation: For the development and use of neutron scattering techniques to advance the understanding of strongly correlated electron systems.

Mudry, Christopher
Paul Scherrer Institute
Citation: For contributions to the theory of spin-charge separation in strongly correlated systems and to disorder-induced quantun criticality in metals and topological insulators.

Ruckenstein, Andrei
Boston University
Citation: For advances in the theory of Bose condensation and collective effects in atomic gases, the Hubbard and non-Fermi liquid impurity models, and high-temperature superconductivity.

Rudolf, Petra
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials
Citation: For explorations of fullerenes, nanotubes, graphite, and graphene, as well as light-driven synthetic molecular motors.

Sinova, Jairo
Texas A&M University
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of spin-transport in magnetic systems, particularly the spin Hall effects.

Sooryakumar, Ratnasingham
Ohio State University
Citation: For the elucidation of structure, charge, and spin dynamics in condensed matter systems via Raman and Brillouin light-scattering, and for the development of mobile magnetic traps for micro-manipulation.

Srajer, George
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For applications of synchrotron radiation to phase transitions and the structural and magnetic properties of single crystals, multilayers, and liquid crystals.

Strinati, Giancarlo
University di Camerino
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of strongly interacting Fermi gases, including the physics of the BEC-BCS crossover.

Wang, Jin
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of nanoparticle/polymer thin films and superlattices, and for the development of time-resolved X-ray methods for characterizing the structure of dense liquid sprays.

Zasadzinski, John
Illinois Institute of Technology
Citation: For contributions to superconducting tunneling spectroscopy.


DCMP March Meeting Invited Sessions and Special Events

2011 March Meeting DCMP Invited Sessions

Monday, March 21

Silicon Qubits
Compressibility and Transport in Bilayer Graphene
Experimental Studies of 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall effect
Single Molecule Biophysics I: Recent Adv. in Tech. & Apps. (DBP/DPOLY)

Quantum Devices Based on Semiconductor Nanowires
Many-Body Effects for the Excited States of Graphene

New Developments in Quantum Criticality
Topological Surface States
Physics of Proteins I: Unifying Principles and Concepts (DBP/DPOLY)

Tuesday, March 22

Spin-Triplet Supercurrents in S/Ferromagnet/S Josephson Junctions
New Materials for Spin Quantum Hall Effect and Topological Insulators

Towards Single Spin Electronics
Force Probes of Materials' Structure and Function
Topological Vortices in Magnets, Ferroelectrics, and Multiferroics

Recent Advances in Ultrafast Studies of Condensed Matter (DCP)
Single Molecule Transistors and Graphene Quantum Dots
Gap Structure of the Ba-122 Iron Superconductors

Wednesday, March 23

Magnetism and Localization in f-Electron Systems
The Kondo Ground State in Graphene

Gapless Spin Liquids

Entanglement Spectroscopy
Defects and Strain in Graphene

Thursday, March 24

Iron Pnictides vs Iron Chalcogenides: Magnetism and Pairing Fluctuation
Fermi Surface Reconstruction & Competing Orders in High Tc Cuprates
Controlling Quantum Interactions of Single Spins and Photons in Diamond

Superconducting Qubits: Advances in Single-Shot QND Readout
CVD Graphene: Synthesis, Properties and Applications (DMP)
Advances in ZnO Physics and Applications (DMP)
Glassy Dynamics and Jamming (GSNP)

Quantum and Classical Phenomena in Josephson Junction Arrays
Coexistence between Antiferromagnetism & Superconductivity in Fe-Pnictides
Topological Vortices in Magnets, Ferroelectrics, and Multiferroics

Friday, March 25

New Insights into the Mott Transition
Topological Insulators: Transport and Interactions
Recent Developments in Solid 4He

Solid-State Spin Qubits: Coherence Control and Protection
Pseudogap in High Tc Cuprates

2011 March Meeting Prize/Award Sessions Co-Sponsored by DCMP

Wednesday, March 23

8:00 FIAP/DCMP/DMP Prizes: Pake, Adler, IAP, IUPAP/C10 (FIAP/DCMP/ DMP)
14:30 DCMP/DMP Prizes: Buckley, McGroddy, Davisson-Germer (DCMP/DMP)

2011 March Meeting Superconductivity Centennial Sessions

Monday, March 21

11:15 Historical Perspectives from Discovery by Kamerlingh Onnes (FHP)

Tuesday, March 22

11:15 Nobelist Perspectives on 100 Years of Superconductivity (DMP/DCMP)

Wednesday, March 23

11:15 Superconductivity Centennial: Future Research Opportunities (DCMP/DMP)

Outreach & Education Sessions Co-Sponsored by DCMP

Monday, March 21

11:15 Mentoring Undergraduate Research (FEd/DCMP)
20:00 Physics Community Outreach: Small Wonders!

Thursday, March 24

8:00 Physics for Everyone (DMP/DCMP)

Special Sunday Public Outreach Lecture Event

Sunday, March 20

TBA Public Lecture: The Physics of Superheroes (DMP)

Special Monday Evening Events

Monday, March 21

17:45 APS Awards Ceremony (5:45 – 6:45 PM)
18:45 APS Welcome Reception (6:45 – 8 PM)
20:00 Physics Community Outreach: Small Wonders! (8 – 9 PM) – DCMP

DCMP Co-Sponsored Reception for Prize/Award Winners & New Fellows

Tuesday, March 22

17:30 Reception (with DMP/DCOMP/DCP) – until 7PM (Reunion GH)
19:00 DCMP Business Meeting (Moreno A)

Special 2011 Nobel Prize Lecture

Wednesday, March 23

17:45 - Prof. Konstantin Novoselov: Graphene

Lunch with the Experts at the 2011 March Meeting

This is an event for graduate students, who must pre-enroll to participate. See instructions in the APS March Meeting Program and Show Guide for 2011. DCMP and other APS units will have tables at this event anchored by topical experts.


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