March Meeting: Invited Symposium Nominations

Deadline for Nominations for DCMP Sponsored Symposia: August 31, 2017

Dear DCMP member,

APS has implemented a new, simplified, method of proposing DCMP-sponsored symposia for the March Meeting.

Gray Arrow Submit an Abstract

Log in and follow the prompts to get to the APS March Meeting 2018 webpage, at which point you can start your nomination submission process.

A few key points:

Please recall that DCMP sponsors symposia, not individual speakers, so it is most helpful and constructive if you can propose a complete session including a chair, five speakers, and up to two additional substitute speakers.

  • According to DCMP bylaws, invited speakers are drawn exclusively from member nominations. If a researcher is not nominated, then they cannot be selected as an invited speaker, no matter how wonderful their research is. It is therefore vital for DCMP members to submit nominations.
  • When you begin entering your symposium nomination into the system, please remember to choose “Invited Symposium Nomination.”
  • Please inform the people you nominate and make sure that they are willing to give the talk you are suggesting. Similarly, get agreement from the session chair you have chosen.
  • If a person gave an invited talk at the March Meeting 2017, then that person cannot give an invited talk at the March Meeting 2018, and should not be nominated, except if they were a prize or award winner. View the complete list of March Meeting 2017 invited speakers.

I urge all members of DCMP to propose symposia. This is how you directly influence what invited talks you can choose from when you arrive in Los Angeles in March. A complete, well justified symposium proposal leads to the strong symposia and invited talks that we all appreciate and enjoy at the March Meeting.

The deadline for completion and submission of proposals is Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. (EDT), but I urge you to please consider submitting proposals as early as today, tomorrow, or next week. Please, take the time to submit your ideas and nominations so that we can have as rich and diverse a selection of topics and speakers as possible.

Thank you for your time and efforts,

Paul Canfield
Chair-elect of DCMP