The Anode Half Cell Of A Lithium-ion Battery

The anode half cell of a Lithium-ion battery

The anode half cell of a Lithium-ion battery. Based on large-scale molecular dynamics simulations, we propose a new charging method that should be capable of charging a lithium-ion battery in a fraction of the time needed when using traditional methods. This charging method uses an additional applied oscillatory electric field. Our simulation results show that this charging method offers a great reduction in the average intercalation time for Li+ ions, which dominates the charging time. The oscillating field not only increases the diffusion rate of Li+ ions in the electrolyte but, more importantly, also enhances intercalation by lowering the corresponding overall energy barrier. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.12, 2505 (2010).

Image courtesy: Dr. I. Abou Hamad, Florida State University.