Surface Geometry Of C60 On Ag(111) Surface

Surface geometry of C60 on Ag(111) surface

Surface geometry of C60 on Ag(111) surface. The stable monolayer C60 molecules sit on vacancy sites with an Ag(111)-(2sq_root3x2sq_root3)R30o-C60 structure. The hexagon of the C60 molecule is facing down to the Ag surface. There are two such parallel orientations of the molecules, one as shown, and one rotated 180 deg. The top hexagon is surrounded by 3 hexagons and 3 pentagons -180 deg rotation interchanges these (as well as some others that are not visible). There is a small deformation of the substrate near the location of the C60 molecule, as seen in the front view. Top: top view, Bottom: front view.

H. I. Li, K. Pussi, K. J. Hanna, L.-L. Wang, D.D. Johnson, H.-P. Cheng, H. Shin, S. Curtarolo, W. Moritz, J.A. Smerdon, R. McGrath, and R.D. Diehl, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 056101 (2009).

Image courtesy: H.I. Li and R.D. Diehl, Pennsylvania State University.