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The Division is able to elect each year one-half of one percent of the current membership. Nominations may be made at any time, but only those received by the deadline will be considered for action in that year.

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Andrei, Eva Y [2003]
Rutgers University
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the experimental study of vortex matter and two-dimensional electron systems, including Wigner lattices.

Balatsky, Alexander Vasilievich [2003]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For insightful theory of strongly correlated states of matter, particularly unconventional superconductivity and the prediction of impurity-induced quasiparticle bound states.

Barabasi, Albert Laszlo [2003]
University of Notre Dame
Citation: For his discovery of scale-free networks and for his theories of surface roughening and strained surfaces.

Belanger, David Peter [2003]
University of California, Santa Cruz
Citation: For investigations of critical behavior near phase transitions in pure, random, and frustrated systems, and for the development of novel optical, neutron scattering, and other techniques to measure such phenomena precisely.

Birge, Norman Owen [2003]
Michigan State University
Citation: For innovative contributions concerning the glass transition and mesoscopic physics, including 1/f noise and universal conductance fluctuations, electron decoherence mechanisms, and dissipative quantum tunneling of single defects in metals.

Bonn, Douglas [2003]
University of British Columbia
Citation: For seminal work in elucidating the ground and excited states of high temperature superconductors through microwave studies of quasiparticle dynamics in samples of exceptional quality.

Brown, Stuart E [2003]
University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For fundamental studies of low dimensional, highly correlated materials, especially using high pressure NMR, transport, and thermodynamic measurements, and for studies of the non-linear dynamics of charge-density waves.

Castro-Neto, Antonio H. [2003]
Boston University
Citation: For contributions to the theory of strong correlations, fluctuations, and inhomogeneities in high temperature superconductors and quantum magnets.

Chubukov, Andrey V. [2003]
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Citation: For distinguished contributions to condensed matter theory, notably the theory of high temperature superconductivity and the relation between spin fluctuations and the effective interaction for electron pairing.

Cooper, Stephen Lance [2003]
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Citation: For imaginative use of Raman and other optical techniques to study ordering, spin and charge dynamics, and their couplings to lattice dynamics in strongly correlated electronic systems.

de Heer, Walter Alexander [2003]
Georgia Institute of Technology
Citation: For seminal contributions to our understanding of the electronic properties of free metal clusters and for the studies of the field emission and transport properties of nanotubes.

Du, Rui Rui [2003]
University of Utah
Citation: For his seminal contributions to the physics of the fractional quantum Hall effect, and especially, through his original experiments, to our understanding of the properties of composite fermions.

Griffin, Allan [2003]
University of Toronto
Citation: For fundamental theoretical studies on Bose-Einstein condensation and the collective excitations in superfluid He4 and trapped atomic gases.

Hu, Chia-Ren [2003]
Texas A&M University
Citation: For initiating the theory of midgap states in high-T_c and other unconventional superconductors, and for studies of the transport properties of type-II superconductors and the textural properties of superfluid ^3He.

Jonker, Berend Thomas [2003]
Naval Research Laboratory
Citation: For contributions to the field of magneto-electronics, including low dimensional magnetism in metals, spin-dependent carrier localization in semiconductors, and spin injection, scattering, and ferromagnetic order in semiconductor heterostructures.

Koshelev, Alexei Evgenievich [2003]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For important theoretical contributions to the physics of vortex matter in superconductors.

McEuen, Paul L [2003]
Cornell University
Citation: For important contributions to the fabrication, measurement, and understanding of nanometer scale electronic systems, including quantum dots, nanocrystals, carbon nanotubes, and single molecules.

Meir, Yigal [2003]
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Citation: For contributions to our understanding of interacting and disordered electron systems, particularly in the context of mesoscopic physics.

Naughton, Michael J [2003]
Boston College
Citation: For his contributions to the understanding of low dimensional electron physics through creative experimental studies of molecular organic conductors and superconductors in oriented high magnetic fields.

Patashinski, Alexander Z. [2003]
Northwestern University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the development of the contemporary theory of critical phenomena, particularly for the discovery of scale invariance.

Radzihovsky, Leo [2003]
University of Colorado, Boulder
Citation: For seminal theoretical work on liquid crystals, colloids, vortices in superconductors, and the quantum Hall effect.

Sawatzky, George Albert [2003]
University of British Columbia
Citation: For his experimental and theoretical contributions to the development of various high energy spectroscopic methods for studying the electronic structure of strongly correlated electron systems.

Shen, Zhi-Xun [2003]
Stanford University
Citation: For pioneering work in advancing the fundamental understanding of the electronic properties of highly correlated systems, in particular high-temperature superconductors.

Takayanagi, Kunio [2003]
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Citation: For discovering and elucidating the structure of multi-shell magic number 7 radii, helical gold wires and for his contributions to our understanding of the Si(111)7x7 surface.

Tringides, Michael C. [2003]
Iowa State University
Citation: For his pioneering contributions in the elucidation of equilibrium and non-equilibrium adatom diffusion on single crystal surfaces and his discovery of quantum size effects in the growth of Pb islands on Si(111).

van der Laan, Gerrit [2003]
Daresbury Laboratory
Citation: For the discovery of the X-ray linear magnetic dichroism and outstanding contributions in the development of X-ray circular dichroism.

Wettlaufer, John S. [2003]
Yale University
Citation: For fundamental studies of the molecular basis for crystal growth and the interfacial transitions of ice, and their consequences in large scale phenomena within the natural environment.

Wiegmann, Pavel [2003]
University of Chicago
Citation: For exact solutions of models of interacting electronic systems and quantum field theory, including the multi-channel Kondo problem and the Anderson model for magnetic impurities.

Williams, Gary Allen [2003]
University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For experimental and theoretical demonstrations of the role of quantized vorticity in superfluid phase transitions in two and three dimensions.