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Adami, Chris [2017]
Michigan State University
Citation: For the development of novel methods to study evolution using digital experimentation, as well as contributions to the use of information theory to understand biological systems.

Janmey, Paul [2017]
University of Pennsylvania
Citation: For pioneering work on fundamental properties of biopolymers and their implications for mechanobiology.

Losert, Wolfgang [2017]
University of Maryland–College Park
Citation: For imaginative studies of complex living systems, and for numerous contributions to understanding dynamical properties of complex systems at the convergence of physics, materials science, and biology.

Perkins, Thomas T [2017]
Citation: For innovations in precision measurement of dynamic biological systems at the smallest scales.

Ryu, William [2017]
University of Toronto
Citation: For establishing and advancing the field of the physics of behavior of microorganisms.

Song, Jun S [2017]
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Citation: For the development of advanced signal processing methods to reveal patterns in genomic data and study chromatin structures.

Xia, Yang [2017]
Oakland University
Citation: For contributions to nuclear magnetic resonance microscopy, and particularly for his use of this and other techniques to study the structure of articular cartilage, with applications to osteoarthritis.