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Deserno, Markus [2019]
Carnegie Mellon University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the theory and simulation of biological membranes and proteins, and their interactions, leading to improved understanding of cellular mechanics and self-organization.

Hagen, Stephen J [2019]
University of Florida
Citation: For significant experimental work on and elucidation of protein folding and bacterial gene regulation, and for exceptional service to and on behalf of the Division of Biological Physics and the American Physical Society.

Saleh, Omar A. [2019]
University of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For outstanding contributions to single-molecule biophysics, including development of magnetic tweezer instrumentation and its use in elucidating electrostatic and self-avoidance contributions to biopolymer structure, as well as mechanisms of motion of ring-shaped ATPases along DNA.

Shaevitz, Joshua W [2019]
Princeton University
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of biological systems, from single molecules to cell collectives to behaving animals, through the development of new techniques for precision measurement.

Valentine, Megan T. [2019]
University of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For pioneering research in the development of microrheology and the applications of biomechanics at multiple length scales to diverse biological systems.

Wilke, Claus [2019]
University of Texas at Austin
Citation: For discovering that biophysical constraints are a primary driver of protein sequence evolution.

Zou, Xiaoqin [2019]
University of Missouri
Citation: For outstanding contributions to developing novel physics-based algorithms for modeling protein interactions with applications to structure-based drug design.