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Castor, John Irvin [2003]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For ground-breaking work on radiatively-driven stellar winds, and contributions to the theory of opacities, equations-of-state, and radiation hydrodynamics, including national security applications in high energy-density physics.

DeYoung, David Spencer [2003]
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
Citation: For numerous and important contributions to the theory of extragalactic radio sources, in particular to the understanding of the evolution of astrophysical jets and their interactions with their environment.

Dodelson, Scott [2003]
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Citation: For his fundamental contributions in cosmology, including the theory and analysis of physics models of the early Universe.

Klein, Richard I [2003]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For pioneering contributions in computational astrophysics including star formation, radiatively driven stellar winds, instabilities in supernovae and magnetized neutron stars, and scaled laser experiments simulating strong shock phenomena in the ISM.

Meyer, Stephan S [2003]
University of Chicago
Citation: For his pioneering use of bolometers to study the anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background and his measurements of CMB anisotropy on scales from 0.1 to 90 degrees.

Wefel, John P [2003]
Louisiana State University
Citation: For measurements of cosmic ray isotopic and elemental composition and interaction cross sections, and efforts to foster astrophysics-related training, public outreach, and education programs.