DAMOP 2017 Meeting Speakers and Sessions

Dear DAMOP member:

This is the final call for nomination of invited speakers and sessions for the DAMOP 2017 meeting. Please consider making one or more session nominations using the online form. The nomination guidelines are explained on the form.

By popular demand, the deadline has been extended to Wednesday, November 11. Shortly after, the program committee will begin deliberation.

The deadline for abstract submission of regular contributions will be Friday, January 27, 2017.

APS March Meeting 2017 in New Orleans (March 13-17, 2017)

DAMOP-sponsored focus session titles are:

  • Disorder and Localization in AMO Systems
  • Topological states in AMO systems
  • Hybrid/macroscopic quantum systems, Optomechanics, and interfacing AMO with solid state/nano systems
  • Non-Equilibrium Physics with Cold Atom
  • Advances and Applications of Numerical Methods in Cold Quantum Gases
  • Explicitly correlated methods and quantum few-body systems
  • Advances in quantum simulation

The closing date for submission of an abstract to any of these symposia or for general submissions to the March Meeting is November 11, 2016.