Outstanding Student Paper Award

Congratulations to the following students for winning an   Outstanding Student Paper Award at 4CS-11 in Tucson in October. Each student received $100 in cash.

Graduate Posters:

  1. Deanna Lewis, University of Arizona,  Outreach and Education on Photovoltaic Systems
  2. Brenae Bailey,  University of Arizona,  A Stochastic Model of RNA Translation with Frameshifting
  3. David Carlson, University of Arizona,    High intensity pulse formation and plasma dynamics in passive femtosecond enhancement cavities for high harmonic generation
  4. Raisa Trubko,  University of Arizona,  Atom Interferometry Measurements of Static and Dynamic Polarizability
  5. Matthew Zachreson, Brigham Young University,  Comparing Theory and Experiment for Analyte Transport in the First Vacuum Stage of the ICP-M

Undergraduate Posters:

  1. Neal Criddle, Utah State University,  Seasonal Variability and Dynamics of Mesospheric Gravity Waves Over the Andes
  2. Erik Wildforster, Colorado State University,  MOKE: Magneto Optical Kerr Effect
  3. Rachel Ward, Utah State University,  Comparison of Polar Mesospheric Clouds in Northern 2007 and Southern 2007-2008 Seasons
  4. Mario Ortega, University of  New Mexico,  LEISA: Low-Earth Orbit Ionospheric Spectrum Analyzer

Graduate Oral Presentations

  1. William Johnston,  Colorado State University,  A Wavelength-shifting Light Collector for the LBNE Far Detector
  2. Tim Johannsen,  University of Arizona,  Testing the No-Hair Theorem with Observations of Black Holes in the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  3. Joseph Baker,  University of Arizona,  Steered molecular dynamics simulations of a bacterial type IV pilus reveal characteristics of an experimentally-observed, force-induced conformational transition
  4. Jiamin Xue,  University of Arizona,  Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of graphene on boron nitride
  5. Megan Longo, , Colorado State University,  A Water Cherenkov Detector prototype for the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory
  6. Joshua Barr,  University of Arizona,  Effective Field Theory of Interacting pi-Electrons in Highly-Conductive Molecular Junctions

Undergraduate Oral Presentations

  1. Doug Ball, Utah State University,  Fuel from Water: Nano-structured oxide semiconductor composites for photocatalysis
  2. Adam Wallace, Brigham Young University,  Neutron Detection using Lithium Glass Scintillator
  3. William Hall, Brigham Young University,  Measuring Ion Bernstein Waves in a Non-Neutral, Finite Plasma
  4. Eric Ramesh, New Mexico State University,  Low Thrust Orbital Maneuvers Using Ion Propulsion
  5. Michael Jorgensen, Utah Valley  University,   Determining the Order of Importance of Six Geometric Parameters Related to Heat Exchangers for Thermoacoustic Prime Movers
  6. Richard Hansen,  Brigham Young University,  Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Templated Metal Microstructures