Executive Committee

Chair: Professor Barry Graham Ritchie (11/19 - 10/20)
Arizona State Univ

Chair-Elect: John L Harton (11/19 - 10/20)
Colorado State University

Vice Chair: Pearl Elizabeth Sandick (11/19 - 10/20)
University of Utah

Past Chair: Sylvia Ann Junghans (11/19 - 10/20)
Los Alamos Natl Lab

Secretary/Treasurer: Mr Heinrich Nakotte (11/19 - 10/22)
New Mexico State Univ

Member-at-Large: Maya M Davidson (11/17 - 10/20)
Univ of Northern Colorado

Member-at-Large: Anna M Zaniewski (11/17 - 10/20)
Arizona State Univ

Member-at-Large: Tsung-Cheng Shen (11/18 - 10/21)

Member-at-Large: Alysia D Marino (11/18 - 10/21)
University of Colorado, Boulder

Member-at-Large: Calvin Chan (11/19 - 10/22)
Sandia National Laboratories

Member-at-Large: Ajit S Hira (11/19 - 10/22)
Northern New Mexico College

Student Member: Ms. Holly Johnson (11/19 - 10/22)
Arizona State Univ

Assigned Council Representative
Philip Johnson
Mid-Atlantic Section

Executive Committee Home Page
(Access is restricted to members of the Committee)

Nominees and award and office holders are expected to meet standards of professional conduct and integrity as described in the APS Ethics Guidelines. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from consideration or lead to revocation of honors or removal from office.