Members in the Media

 “We’ve done the calculation. By midcentury, I think, we’ll have a functioning majority.”
Rush Holt, on the growing number of physicists in Congress, The New York Times, (NJ-12th) June 10, 2008

“The future for students is bleak if their only vision is to become a professor. This year’s budget cuts alone may not be enough to convince someone [to leave physics] but it will definitely influence people on the cusp of a decision.”
Gary White, Society for Physics Students, on physics students leaving for other fields, Boston Globe, (VA-8th) March 10, 2008

“Fortune 500 companies are cutting greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency all over the world.”
Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Inst Inc., Northwest Arkansas Times, (CO-3rd) June 24, 2008 

“Every time you break an egg or spill a glass of water you’re learning about the Big Bang,”
Sean Carroll, Caltech, BBC News Online, (CA-29th) June 6, 2008

“Tremendous progress has been made, much higher technical performance, for much lower cost.”
John Deutch, MIT, on solar power, Boston Globe, (MA-8th) July 11, 2008 

“The specific experience you get doing that stuff doesn’t have applications outside that narrow world. It’s not obvious that I will be able to be fully employed.”
Ken Sale, a nuclear weapons expert who was recently laid off from Lawrence Livermore Lab, The Associated Press, (CA-10th) June 3, 2008 

“I understand clearly as a freshman in Congress you don’t get to steer the bus.”
Bill Foster, former Fermilab physicist recently elected to Congress, Scientific American, (IL-4th) April 1, 2008 


“The result is certainly funny, but the process seems reasonable. I don’t know of any previous attempts to make diamonds from drinks.”
Rudolf Pfeiffer, University of Vienna, on a process for making diamond thin films from tequila, New Scientist, June 20, 2008



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