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U.S. Science Budgets for 2023 Fall Short of CHIPS Act Ambitions
The year ahead for federal science agencies.
APS Members’ Advocacy Helps CHIPS and Science Act Become Law
The law is the “most significant science legislation in more than a decade.”
FYI: Science Policy News From AIP
US Revs Up Clean-Energy Campaign with Historic Climate Law
FYI: Science Policy News From AIP
What Projects Should Nuclear Physics Prioritize in the Next 10 Years?
Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction Touts Achievements
100 colloquia and 4,000 attendees later, the coalition counts its successes.
FYI: Science Policy News From AIP
US Moves to Curb Science Ties with Russia Over Ukraine Invasion
FYI: Science Policy News From AIP
Biological Physics Should Be a Distinct Discipline, National Academies’ Report Says.
‘I had no idea when I would see my family again’: Scientists of Chinese Descent Recount Stories of Unjust Arrests
Months or years since they were falsely accused of Chinese espionage, damage lingers.
US Monitoring of Methane Emissions is Falling Short, Report from APS, Optica Finds
Oil and gas operations are churning out climate-warming methane—and the US must do more to fix it.
FYI: Science Policy News From AIP
Biden repeats his bid to boost science budget
APS Responds to the Crisis in Ukraine
As Russia’s assault on Ukraine continues, APS remains committed to international science and human rights.

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