APS News

October 2013 (Volume 22, Number 9)

APS Honors Los Alamos as a Historic Site

 Site plaque large

Photo by Richard Robinson

On July 22, APS President Michael Turner (right) presented a plaque to Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Charles McMillan, to recognize the many scientific achievements of the Laboratory since its founding in the midst of World War II. Presented as part of the APS Historic Sites Initiative, the plaque reads: "Created in response to an international crisis, Los Alamos successfully developed the atomic bomb under the leadership of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Its scientists and engineers have made numerous contributions, including discovery of the neutrino by Clyde Cowan and Frederick Reines, development of high-performance computing, large scale numerical simulations, study of material under extreme conditions, integration of physical, earth and life sciences, stewardship of the national nuclear stockpile, and leadership in the science and technology of global security and non-proliferation."