APS News

December 2012 (Volume 21, Number 11)

Apker Awards Go To Dovzhenko, Yoder

 Dovzhenko Yoder

The Apker Award for outstanding research by an undergraduate is unique in that the selection committee chooses a number of finalists, who are then interviewed in person to determine the Award recipients, usually one each from a PhD-granting institution and a four-year college. The finalists were featured in last month's APS News

This year's recipients, pictured above are: Yuliya Dovzhenko of Princeton University, who did her work on "Coherent Control of a Semiconductor Charge Qubit" in the lab of Jason Petta; and Theodore J. Yoder of Franklin and Marshall College, who worked on "Applying the Non-Relativistic Standard Model Extension to Hydrogen" under the supervision of Gregory S. Adkins. Dovzhenko is currently pursuing graduate studies at Harvard, and Yoder is doing the same down the road at MIT.