APS News

August/September 2012 (Volume 21, Number 8)

APS Honors Two Colorado Sites

 Colorado Historic site one

In July, APS President Robert Byer presented a pair of plaques to two institutions in Colorado, each of which was celebrating its 50th anniversary. The plaques designated these institutions as physics historic sites, as part of the APS Historic Sites Initiative. The top photo, taken on July 7, shows Board Chair Michael Turner unveiling the plaque presented to the Aspen Center for Physics, as Aspen Center President Rosemary Wyse (left) and Byer (right) look on. Turner is also currently President-elect of APS.

The lower photo was taken six days later in Boulder, at the plaque presentation to JILA, a joint institute of the University of Colorado Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Eric Cornell, JILA Chair, dramatically unveils the plaque while Byer (left) watches, and the crowd (not shown) goes wild. Top Photo by Grundy Jonsson Photographers. Bottom Photo by Brad Baxley/JILA.

Colorado Historic site two