APS News

June 2012 (Volume 21, Number 6)


APS-Led Teacher Preparation Program Announces Seven New Funded Sites
Seven schools have been selected to receive funding for training new physics teachers as part of APS’s PhysTEC program
APS Signs MOU with Korean Physical Society
The American Physical Society and its Korean counterpart sign an agreement to work together to promote scientific discovery
Cultures Collaborate at Daya Bay
Researchers at China’s Daya Bay are breaking new ground in physics collaborations between the United States and China
Groundbreaking Event Ushers in APS Building Expansion
APS held a ceremony to mark the official start of construction on an expansion to its offices in Ridge, New York
New Technique Combines Solar Cells and Semiconductors
Scientists at the April Meeting show off a new technique to create solar cells which draws on methods developed over years from the semiconductor industry
Iran Sentences Kokabee to Ten Years in Prison
University of Texas at Austin student and APS member Omid Kokabee was sentenced to ten years in prison in Iran
Muon Detectors Hunt for Fissile Contraband
Researchers have been developing a way to look for hidden fissile materials using cosmic rays
Panel Stresses Communication with Congress
Physicists at the April meeting urge fellow scientists to actively communicate the importance of science to Congress


Letters to the Editor
Fukushima Still Imperils Northern Hemisphere • Students are Confused by Meaning of Heat • Secretary of Energy is a Political Job • Verifying Casimir Effect Took a Long Time • Correcting an Omission in the Timeline of Fission • Joseph Black was not a Scot • Physics PhD Data Clarified/Geoff Potvin Replies
The Back Page
Is There a Future for the Advanced Lab?


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
This Month in Physics History
June 1911: Invention of the Geiger Counter
The Education Corner
A column on educational programs and publications
Inside the Beltway
Timing Is Everything
Profiles in Versatility
To Infinity and Beyond with Physics

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