APS News

May 2012 (Volume 21, Number 5)

April Meeting Prize and Award Recipients

2012 April Prizes and Award RecipientsPhoto by Ross DeLoach

At the April Meeting ceremonial session, attendees heard the retiring President's address from Barry Barish, and then watched as current APS President Bob Byer presented 15 APS prizes and awards to a total of 19 individuals. In addition, an AIP award was presented by CEO Fred Dylla. Seated in the photo are, left to right: APS past President Barry Barish; William B. Atwood; Lillian Hoddeson; Arian Pregenzer; Silvia Torres-Peimbert; APS President Bob Byer; Jean Trân Thanh Vân (AIP); and Törbjorn Sjöstrand. Standing, left to right, are: Andre Lessa; Emanuele Mereghetti; Ramon Lopez; David Ernst; Phillip Barbeau; John Madey; Witold Nazarewicz; Siegfried Hecker; Manuel Peimbert; Guido Altarelli; Daniel Jafferis; Gordon Kane; Djordje Radicevic; and Bryan Webber.