APS News

May 2010 (Volume 19, Number 5)

March Meeting Prize and Award Recipients

March Mtg web large
Photo by Keith Aden

At the March Meeting 2010 in Portland, Oregon, President Curtis Callan presided over the ceremonial session at which APS Prizes and Awards were presented.

Seated (left to right): Marcia C. B. Barbosa, Patricia Thiel, Robert A. Frosch, Shlomo Havlin, and Russell McCormmach.

Standing (middle row, left to right): Michael Rubinstein, Yueh-Lin Loo, Paul Steinhardt, Daniel Friedan, David Campbell, Lester Andrews, Michael Aizenman, Kathryn Greenberg (front), Felix Campelo Aubarell (rear), Bilin Zhuang, Jeffrey R. Moffitt, and Kenneth Kamrin.

Standing (back row, left to right): Curtis Callan, Enrique Galvez, Eugene Ivanov, Sang-Wook Cheong, Nicola A. Spaldin, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, Alessandra Lanzara, Dov Levine, Duncan Steel and Stephen Shenker.