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August/September 2008 (Volume 17, Number 8)


Franz to Step Down as APS Executive Officer; Search Committee Seeks Her Successor
Franz's 15‑year tenure included such highlights as the APS Centennial in 1999 and the 2005 World Year of Physics
Physics is for Physicists (and others)
David Voss heads up new publication spotlighting noteworthy papers in APS journals
APS Funds 27 Minority Scholars in 2008-2009
Each scholar receives a $2000 renewable grant for tuition, room and board, and educational materials
Astrowatch Keeps LIGO’s Eyes on the Sky
Students help fill the gap as LIGO gets an upgrade
US Team Wins Five Medals at Hanoi Competition
The US team placed second overall, tying with South Korea and India. China and Taiwan tied for first place
Team Overcomes Politics to Broadcast Eclipse
Members of the Exploratorium travel to edge of Gobi Desert to Webcast the event
Workshop Bridges the Worlds of Academia, Science Museums
Participants identified ways to improve their outreach collaborations with local museums
REU Experience Can Change People’s Lives
A June 11‑13 meeting addressed ways to improve the programs and increase diversity of the participants
Briefing Explains how Accelerator Can Boost Industry
The planned International Linear Collider will yield innovative technologies, including superconducting radio frequency based systems such as cavities and cryomodules
Making Energy While the Sun Shines
Capitol Hill briefing explores the potential of solar energy
Towson PhysTEC Project Targets Elementary Science Teaching
Reformed course now includes opportunities for future teachers to gain practical teaching experience
Science Societies Quiz Congressional Candidates
The APS joins Scientists and Engineers for America in developing a list of science policy questions


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Inside the Beltway
Oil Shock 2008
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STEM Workforce Discussion Needs More Data, Analysis


Members in the Media
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This Month in Physics History
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Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
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