APS News

December 2007 (Volume 16, Number 11)


The Big Easy Hosts 2008 March Meeting
The APS heads to New Orleans in March for the largest annual gathering of professional physicists in the country
New Insights Into QGPs and Supernovae Highlight 2007 DNP Meeting
Nuclear physicists from around the world converged on Newport News, Virginia, to hear about the latest research results in their field
April Meeting Plenary Speakers Set
St. Louis meeting will feature invited talks on plasma astrophysics, high‑energy density physics, and celebrating 20 years of high‑temperature superconductivity, among other plenary topics
Apker Recipients Study Galaxy Clusters, Entangled Photons
Matthew Becker of the University of Michigan and Bryce Gadway of Colgate University are honored with the 2007 Apker Award
Many Disciplines Have Stake in Underground Laboratory
About 200 scientists from a broad range of disciplines gathered in Washington, DC, in November to discuss the next phase of study for the planned deep underground science laboratory to be housed in the abandoned Homestake mine in South Dakota
APS Honors BCS, Joseph Henry in Historic Site Ceremonies
Society honors discovery of magnetic self‑inductance in 1832, and the microscopic theory of superconductivity in 1957
Smashing Eggs in the Name of Science
APS Mass Media Fellow Erika Gebel ponders her summer experience as an intern at the Philadelphia Inquirer
GEC Conference Features Latest Research in Plasma Phenomena
Carbon nanowalls, space plasma propulsion among the highlights of Arlington, Virginia, meeting
Determined Leadership
The governing board of the American Insitute of Physics met in College Park, MD on November 2nd.


Not with a Bang, but a Whisper/Genesis and Angular Momentum
Inside the Beltway
It's the emotion, stupid!
The Back Page
Boosting America's energy security requires multi‑front effort, new thinking


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
This Month in Physics History
December 1938: Discovery of nuclear fission
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
The 2007 Ig Nobel Awards
Ask The Ethicist
The fine ethical points of recommendation letters
Profiles In Versatility
Jim Glanz's journey from physicist to war correspondent/ Albin Gonzalez labors in the "trenches" of cancer treatment research
Focus on APS Topical Groups
Statistical and Nonlinear Physics

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