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May 2007 (Volume 16, Number 5)


Franklin's Secret Message Revealed
APS picks winners of the 2006 PhysicsQuest contest
Reliving the Good Old Days
Physicists celebrate the 20th anniversary of high-temperature superconductivity and the so-called "Woodstock of Physics"
Physicists Present Latest Results in Graphene and Metamaterials Research
Superlensing, graphene ribbons among the most exciting highlights
Session Explores New Sources of Oil and Gas
Large untapped reserves of heavy oils and natural gas offer promising alternative energy sources
March Prize and Award Recipients
Twenty-four distinguished physicists received various prizes and awards
Columnar Jointing Gives Rise to Natural Wonders
Scientists look for insights into the geophysics of Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway and icy "penitentes"
Quantum Leap Reported for Entangled Photons
Vienna researchers set new record for transmitting quantum key wirelessly, traveling 144 km between two of the Canary Islands
Smart Organisms Use Physics to Find Their Food
Even the simplest creatures employ physics-based strategies to achieve the most effective hunting patterns
Oklahoma High School Physics Student Wins Intel Science Talent Search
Budding young physicist built her own spectrograph and used it to perform experiments
Physics Models Brought to Bear on Gene Transfer, Viral Vaccines
Michael Deems of Rice University hopes his work will deepen understanding of the evolutionary mechanisms for viruses, leading to more effective vaccines for the flu, dengue fever, and HIV
Microbe-Based Sensors Can Improve Security
Physicists are finding innovative ways to improve security technology with astronomically inspired and microbe-based sensors
Martian Features Provoke Sharp Debate
"Razorbacks" on the surface of Mars could be produced by dry grains of dust rather than flowing water
Advanced Lab Instructors Plan New Organization
Association would foster communication among lab instructors and provide professional recognition
Biomolecules Ready for Their Close-Up with New Imaging Methods
Cellular motion in cancer cells can be used as a built-in contrast agent using digital holographic imaging


Correcting the Record on Pauli — Nepal Protest Brings Results — At APS, the Embargo Has Already Gone — Not Every Experiment Has to be Done — Claims for Wind Power Greatly Overblown
Inside the Beltway: Washington Analysis and Opinion
Twelve-Year Term Limits Twelve Years Later
The Back Page
Climate Change is All About Energy


Members in the Media
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This Month in Physics History
May 1932: Chadwick reports the discovery of the neutron

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