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March 2007 (Volume 16, Number 3)


"Woodstock of Physics," Quantum Computing Among Highlights of 2007
More that 7000 physicists will converge on Denver, Colorado to attend the largest physics meeting of the year.
Meet the New Editor-in-Chief
Gene Sprouse takes over the reins of APS publications from Martin Blume.
Poll Finds Significant Interest in School Boards Among Physicists
Few APS members have served on state of local school boards, but a significant number say they have been involved to some extent.
APS Gathers Postdoc Best Practices; Comments are invited
Physics department chairs surveyed on how to address most common problems faced by physics postdocs.
Built for Speed: NASCAR Physics Featured in Public Lecture
Nebraska physics professor Diandra Leslie‑Pelecky says mastery of physics is essential just to compete ‑‑ never mind win ‑‑ in the top NASCAR events
New Report Reviews Primary Economic Driving Factors in U.S
Council on Competitiveness report focuses on technological innovation, workforce development and comparing US economy to that of other nations
PRL Launches New Feature to Improve Accessibility
Editors select weekly top picks among papers to encourage members to peruse research outside their specialty
Fellows Reign in Southern California
On January 16, a large turnout of APS Fellows assembled in the UCLA Faculty Center to socialize and to hear about some APS programs.
Committee on Informing the Public Holds First Meeting
On January 29, the new Committee on Informing the Public held its first meeting at APS headquarters.
Getting High on Physics
Last December, a group of students demonstrated in front of Nepal’s Ministry of Education and Sport, demanding greater access to physics classes, which apparently is severely limited.


Scientists: Humble, or Arrogant? — There is no Truth in Science — Michael Bugeja Responds — Ben Franklin Blazes Trail for IBM Inventors — Memo to APS: Practice What You Preach — Need Survey on Global Warming–The Answer, My Friend, is Blowin’ in the Wind
The Back Page
The Embargo Should Go
Inside the Beltway: Washington Analysis and Opinion
Bipartisanship? Fuggedaboutit!


Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
This Month in Physics History
March 16, 1938: Katharine Blodgett patents anti-reflective coatings
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Water in Zero Gravity
Schrodinger's Parrot
A cartoon by Paul Dlugokencky.

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