APS News

July 2005 (Volume 14, Number 7)


New APS Open-Access Online Journal Features Physics Education Research
New section of PR-Special Topics will provide a place for researchers to publish on the teaching and learning of physics.
APS Report Tackles Proliferation Resistance and Nuclear Power
POPA study sees a balance between the benefits of nuclear power and the danger of weapons proliferation.
PhysicsQuest Winners Collect Grand Prize at Institute in Princeton
Ninth graders receive a five-inch reflecting telescope for the class, and individual iPod Shuffles.
High School Students Measure New Value for Earth’s Radius to Celebrate World Physics Year
Reviving Erastosthenes, 2000-year-old experiment using the angle of the sun to measure the radius of the Earth.
On the Firing Line
Panel of physicists fields questions at Einstein- in-the-City.
Job Satisfaction High Among Recent Physics PhD’s
New AIP study shows most physics graduates are happy with their choice of employment.
2005 US Physics Olympiad Team Honored
The top five students were selected for the team following an intensive, week-long "physics boot camp."
Atom Chips, Attosecond Lasers Featured
Lincoln, Nebraska Hosts 36th annual divisional meeting focused on atomic, molecular and optical physics.
Northwest Section Holds Spring Meeting
Recent WMAP results and Einstein's photoelectric legacy were among the highlights.
APS Joins Other Organizations in Calling for Visa Reforms
New joint statement recommends further improvements to visa application process.


Inside the Beltway: Washington Analysis and Opinion
The Sky, The Sky Is Falling. I Must Go Tell the King.
Encouraging women in physics is based on rudimentary sense of fairness
The Back Page
Making the Case for University Research


Members in the Media
APS members quoted in the media.
This Month in Physics History
Einstein's Biggest Blunder
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Ask the Ethicist
Publication Déjà vu
Correction to The Back Page article in the May 2005 APS News.

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