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May 2005 (Volume 14, Number 5)


Weighing Device Achieves Zeptogram-Level Sensitivity
Caltech's new nanodevice could open door to weighing single molecules.
Congress Gets the Message
More than 1400 attendees write letters to Congress at March Meeting.
APS Seeks Assistance for Tsunami Victims
Donations will go to a fund to aid 24 students at Ruhuna University in southern Sri Lanka.
APS Joins STEM Community in Call for Support of Science Education Programs
FY2006 budget request would slash NSF education funding.
Committee Picks First Five Historic Sites
Case Western, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Washington University and Philadelphia to receive plaques commemorating advances in physics.
Building a Better Fuel Cell Using Microfluidics
Laminar flow eliminates need for solid membrane.
Fluid Flow Studies Help Understanding of Aneurysms
Changes in blood flow patterns contribute to growth and rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysms.
New Digitizer Captures Ultra-Quick Waveforms
Technology could provide strong defense to potentially destructive "e-bombs."
Members of Congress Speak Out in Support of Science
Alexander, Ehlers call for higher S&T funding levels in FY2006 budget request.
Forum on Education Leads Endowment Drive for New APS Excellence in Education Award
New award will honor groups who have shown sustained commitment to physics education and outreach.
Statistical Physics Can Help Build a Better Flu Vaccine
Nuclear physics' spin glass models could provide better predictions of vaccine efficacy.
Researchers Present Wide Variety of New Quantum Tools
Technical highlights at March meeting include optical antennae, improved cavity QED, and a new twist on 3D diagnostic imaging.
Strained Silicon Could Extend Limits of CMOS Technology
Without new breakthroughs, semiconductor chips will reach fundamental limits by 2018.
Featured PhysTEC School: University of Arizona
Unique science teacher preparation program increases number of undergraduates training to enter the field.
PhysicsQuest Excites Middle School Classes
Students compete nationwide to be first to uncover Einstein's fabled buried "treasure."
San Diego Hosts Fellows' Reception
A reception for APS Fellows in the San Diego area took place on March 8 on the campus of UC San Diego


Letters from our readers: Use the Space Station to Save Hubble — Pertinent References Omitted
Diminished by discrimination we scarcely see.
Inside the Beltway: Washington News and Analysis
Caveat Emptor
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Einstein, Ethics and the Atomic Bomb


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This Month in Physics History
Einstein and general relativity
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Riordon's Lament

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