APS News

January 2003 (Volume 12, Number 1)


APS Expands and Updates Ethics and Professional Conduct Guidelines for Physicists
Prompted by recent highly publicized episodes of misconduct in physics, the APS has updated its professional ethics guidelines, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of co-authors.
DPP Meeting Features High Magnetic Fields, Lab-Based Astrophysical Jets
Approximately 1600 papers were delivered on a wide range of topics in plasma physics at the DPP annual meeting in Orlando, Florida
Microfluidics, Jovian Climate Change Highlight DFD Meeting
Recent advances in microfluidics and the use of vortex dynamics to predict an impending global climate change for the planet Jupiter were among the highlights of the DFD meeting
Philadelphia Will Host 2003 APS April Meeting
The "City of Brotherly Love" will host as many as 1500 physicists in town for the 2003 APS April Meeting, to be held April 5-8
APS Council Approves Statement Protesting Boycott of Israeli Scientists
In response to recent calls initiated by some European academics to boycott Israeli scientists and the Israeli scientific community, the Council passed a statement reaffirming its commitment to maintaining open dialogue and promoting cooperation among scientists throughout the world
Sarachik Outlines Priorities for Society in 2003
Incoming APS President Myriam Sarachik (City College of New York) discusses her priorities and concerns for the Society during her presidential tenure and beyond
White Papers Highlight Opportunities for Counter-Terrorism Research
Members of the APS Task Force on Counter-Terrorism offer an inside look at emerging technologies and how physicists can contribute
APS Council Approves Study on Humanitarian De-Mining
At its November meeting, Council approved the initiation of a study on humanitarian demining, pending the acquisition of sufficient external funds to cover the cost of such a study


Administration Needs Sound Science — Need to Understand How Others Think — Letter Maligns Teller — Junk Due to Plain Ambition — Physical Laws Must be Obeyed — Life's Origin Not Supernatural — Authorship Should be Limited
Perspectives on Ethics and Validity in Science
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Science, Uncertainty and Risk: The Problem of Complex Phenomena


This Month in Physics History
Circa January 1961: Lorenz and the Butterfly Effect
Members in the Media
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Inside the Beltway: A Washington Analysis
White House Dominance May Leave Science Dangling
PRL Top Ten: #8
"Metallic Phase with Long-Range Orientational Order and No Translational Symmetry "
Focus on Committees
Committee Helps Keep Meetings Healthy

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