APS News

April 2002 (Volume 11, Number 4)


Executive Board Expresses Concern Over Funding Imbalance In Bush Administration's Fy2003 Budget Request
Proposed Increase For NIH Is Larger Than The Entire Research Budget For NSF.
Outlook On FY2003 Budget Bills
A More In-Depth Look At The Proposed Fy 2003 Budget And Its Potential Impact.
Task Force To Weigh Pros And Cons Of Topical Groups
Do They Increase The Fragmentation Of Physics, Or Create Welcoming Environment For New Fields?
APS Establishes Task Force On Countering Terrorism
Group Will Explore What Physics And Physicists Can Do To Combat Terror.
Preposterous Public Lecture Highlights Albuquerque Meeting
Program To Offer Latest Results In Astrophysics, Nuclear, Particle And Biological Physics.
APS Extends Free Journal Access And Membership To Argentina
Action Is Response To Country's Financial Turmoil.
"Copenhagen" Cast Meets Protagonists' Progeny
DC Reception And Symposium Feature Appearances By Heisenberg And Bohr Descendants.


Crotchety but Saintly — Vacuous Scapegoating Harmful to Peace — — Where Tornadoes Really Come From — NIH Breakup Won't Work — Insanity Defense — Improvement Noted
New Bohr Documents Illuminate 1941 Meeting with Heisenberg
The Back Page
Physics, Homeland Security and the Justice System


This Month in Physics History
April 1995: Discovery of the top quark at Fermilab
Members in the Media
As quoted in other publications...
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Mad Scientists Give Way to Mad Capitalists
Inside the Beltway: A Washington Analysis
Too Much Spin Blurs Truth About Budget
Focus on Committees
Problems Of Women And Minorities Receive Special Attention.

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