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October 2000 (Volume 9, Number 9)


Site Visits To Identify Strong Candidates for New Education Program
Site selection is well underway for the fledgling PhysTEC program.
NMD Decision Follows APS Action
President Clinton announced the deferment of a decision on NMD in September, a decision in keeping with an APS Council statement on the issue.
Neutrinos, CP Violation Highlight DPF 2000
Preliminary results concerning the parameters to describe neutrino oscillation, and whether CP symmetry violation agrees with the Standard Model were the focus of DPF2000.
Scientific Visits Encouraged to Palestinian Universities
The APS is facilitating visits by American physicists to Palestine for interested APS members.
Powers of Ten: Astronomy's Greatest Hits
More top ten lists, this time concerning milestones in astronomy research.
Nikitin Slams Russian Nuclear Waste
Environmental activist Aleksandr Nikitin warns of serious threat posed by spent nuclear fuel from Russian naval vessels.
U.S. Team Makes Strong Showing at 2000 International Physics Olympiad
The U.S. team returned from England with one silver medal and four bronze medals.
APS Co-Sponsors Summer Industrial Internship with IBM/Almaden
Four undergraduates spent this summer doing research at IBM/Almaden.
OPA Summer Intern Gains Valuable Hill Experience
Global warming, NMD and the ever-present science budget were among the issues facing intern Maria Cranor this summer at the OPA.
In Brief
APS members honored with Dirac Medal, Cosmology Prize.


How Much Energy in an Ounce? — Whose Famous Constant? — Advice Given to Budding Chemical Engineer — Whose Famous Formula? — Copernicus and the Scientific Impulse
So You Want to be a Critic
Editorial Cartoon
Election Campaign
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
An Alternative Theory for Perpetual Motion


This Month in Physics History
October 1897: The Discovery of the Electron
Physics and Technology Forefronts
Code Division Multiple Access: Enabler of the New Wireless Era
The Back Page
DOE Office of Science, APS Membership Share Funding Goals

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