APS News

July 2000 (Volume 9, Number 7)


From Big G to Extra Dimension: Gravity Measurements Reported at APS Long Beach Meeting
A new value for "Big G" and the first measurement of gravity at the submillimeter scale.
CPU Study to Set Research Priorities at Interface of Physics, Astronomy
Seeking community input for setting priorities in exciting emergent field.
Congressional Visits Foster Communication Between Physicists and the Hill
Scientists hobnob with Congressional reps on behalf of science funding.
One Man's Crusade to Exonerate Hydrogen for Hindenburg Disaster
The 30-year crusade of Addison Bain to redeem hydrogen's good name.
Physicists, Educators, Share Experiences at HS Teacher's Day
Teachers engage in professional networking and learn hands-on activities for classroom use from professional scientists.


Garwin Responds to Charges of Partisanship — Question of History: Who Was First "Physicist"? — Religious Debate Not Appropriate — More Readers Take Issue with Top 20 Tech Screw-ups
Editorial Cartoon
Nature abhors a vacuum.
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
Physicists Didn't Touch Ground in Something-apolis


This Month in Physics History
July 5, 1687: Publication of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia
The Back Page
Copernicus and the Aesthetic Impulse

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