APS News

June 1999 (Volume 8, Number 6)


Nobel Luncheon, Exhibits Inspire High School Physics Students and Teachers
High school physics students and teachers meet and eat with Nobel laureates.
POPA Proposes Statement on What is Science?
POPA is preparing a succinct statement defining science and the rules of scientific exchange.
APS Centennial Photographs Online
A gallery of photographs from the largest physics meeting of all time.
Early Years of the Physical Review
Early Years of the Physical Review - The founding of the Physical Review predates that of the American Physical Society, although both arose out of the same ferment.
ORNL Breakthroughs Pave Way for Spinach-Based Electronic Devices
The next generation of optoelectronic and logic devices may be based on spinach, not silicon.
Computing with DNA
Fragments of DNA can be used to represent computer data.
LLNL Researchers Demonstrate Fusion on a Tabletop
Laser energy has been converted into kinetic energy to produce fusion on a laboratory tabletop.
Bell Labs Reports Progress on 'Dick Tracy' Watch
Dick Tracy's two-way, voice-activated video phone watch may soon become a technological reality. Next up — Max Smart's shoe phone.
International Desk
Roundtables Address Global Exchange, Collaboration.
Festival Profile
Loving and leaving in the subatomic world with playwright Matthew Wells.
Congressional Reception
APS member Congressman Rush Holt was presented with his fellowship certificate.
Physicists Honored with DAMOP, Shock Compression Awards
Three physicists were honored recently with awards from the APS.


Truth, Justice, and the American Way
Commentary on recent U.S. security concerns and the universality of science.
The Back Page
Physics and the Information Revolution


Zero Gravity: the Lighter Side of Science
Good News for American Physicists

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