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May 1997 (Volume 6, Number 5)


Congressional Members Respond to Joint Society Statement
Numerous Congressional representatives have endorsed the Joint Society Statement calling for an across-the-board increase of 7%in research funding, released in early March.
Inside the Beltway
"Paralytic Federalitis" grips the current Administration and Congress
International News
CIFS Rallies to Aid of Cuban Scientists Denied U.S. Visas
New Staff Brings Expertise to APS Meetings, Education, Outreach
The APS has hired an assistant to the APS Director of Education and Outreach, a new meetings manager, and an assistant to the executive officer to further support its meetings, education and outreach programs.
White House Taps Panel of Experts on Energy R&D
In March, presidential science advisor John H. Gibbons announced the formation of a panel of distinguished experts to review the Nation's energy R&D program.
Physicists to be Honored at PAC'97
Two physicists will be honored for their work in particle and beam physics at the 1997 Particle Accelerator Conference in May.
APS Reaffirms 1981 Statement on Creationism
Concerned over recent attempts to have the biblical story of creation taught in public schools as science, the APS Executive Board voted unanimously to reaffirm its position adopted in November 1981.
In Brief
The APS Ohio, New York State, New England and Texas Sections all held their annual spring meetings in April and early May; and the APS Division of Laser Science is currently accepting applications from host schools for its Distinguished Traveling Lecturer program.
1996 Annual Report
An overview of the year's highlights in terms of APS operations and financial performance.


Let's Fund Both Science and Entitlements — Lubell Replies... — On the Influx of Foreign Students
The Back Page
Science & Technology Challenges Before the 105th Congress


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