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December 1996 (Volume 5, Number 11)


Two New APS Officers Begin Tenures
Thomas McIlrath became APS Treasurer November 11, and Martin Blume will become APS Editor-in-Chief on January 1.
Data Storage, New Laser Advances Featured at ILS-XII Meeting
Optical and laser scientists from all over the world gathered in Rochester, New York, for the twelfth annual Interdisciplinary Laser Science Conference.
APS Members Share 1996 Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry
Four APS members were among those selected to share the 1996 Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry.
Strangelet Searches, Spin Effects, QCD Field Theory Highlight 1996 DNP Meeting
Recent studies of quantum chaos in mesoscopic systems and effective field theory were among the topics featured at the annual fall meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics.
APS Council Establishes Task Force on Career Development
The APS Executive Board has approved the establishment of a Task Force on Careers and Professional Development, chaired by Diandra Leslie-Pelecky of the University of Nebraska's Center for Materials Research and Analysis.
OSTP Releases Report on Reducing Excess Plutonium Stockpiles
An interim study by independent U.S. and Russian scientists released in November by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy recommends a broad program of cooperation between the U.S. and Russia, and other countries, to reduce the stockpiles of excess weapons plutonium.
Improbable Researchers Gather for 1997 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony
Some of the world's top scientists convened at Harvard University on October 3 for the Sixth Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony.
In Brief
The APS Ohio and Southeastern Sections held their annual fall meetings in November; IUPAP has released a revised version of its "Guidelines for the Use of Major Physics Users Facilities"; and Elsevier Science Publishers are the new proud sponsors of the revamped John H. Dillon Medal, which now carries a cash award of $2000.


Of Grammatology and Beyond... — Editor's Response... — McKinsey & Co. a Boon to Downsizing — More Thoughts on Leaving Science... — Population Growth is Root of Energy Problem
APS Views
APS Associate Executive Officer on why the Society's geographical sections are well worth joining.
The Research Environment in a Global Economy
Robert M. White reviews the changing research paradigm for science.
Practicing Civic Science: Notes From the Field
Joel A. Snow offers some tips for becoming a responsible civic scientist.
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Is Science a Victim of its own Success?


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