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December 1995 (Volume 4, Number 11)


APS and AAPT Launch The Campaign for Physics
The APS and AAPT have officially launched a jointly sponsored Campaign for Physics to raise $5 million in support of science education reform.
Laser Spectroscopy Applications Featured at ILS-XI Meeting
More than 1700 optical and laser scientists gathered for the 11th annual Interdisciplinary Laser Science Conference, which serves as the annual meeting of the APS Topical Group on Laser Science.
Improbable Researchers Gather for 1995 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony
Five Nobel Laureates, aided by children, scuba divers and a marching band, gathered at Harvard University in October for the 1995 Ig Nobel prize ceremony.
Career Corner
As the job market for Ph.D. physicists continues to tighten, Geoff Hueter is one of a growing number of young Ph.D.s who are turning to the world of business.
Member in the Spotlight: Russell Donnelly
The University of Oregon's Russell Donnelly was recently honored with a special session at the Ninth Couette-Taylor Workshop held in August in Boulder, Colorado.
Book Review
Brian Schwartz reviews Soothing the Establishment: The Impact of Foreign-Born Scientists and Engineers on America.
In Brief
The American Institute of Physics has produced a booklet on involving undergraduates in research; APS President C. Kumar N. Patel wrote to NSF Director Neal Lane to express concern about the agency's FY1996 budget for research; the APS Executive Board approved a proposal to rename the Minority Lectureship Award; and the Division of High Polymer Physics will offer an introductory short course for non-specialists in conjunction with the 1996 March Meeting on polymeric materials and their applications.
Anagrams for the Electronic Age
A sampling of a list of phrases that turned up when Physical Review Letters was run through an anagram machine.


APS Views
APS Associate Executive Officer Barrett Ripin and APS Membership Manager Mary Pat Paris outline the benefits of forum membership.
A Plea for Humility Among Physicists - The End of Generalists in APS?
Can a Culture Change? The CfPA and the "Chilly Climate"
Rose Sergeant describes the first three years of the "In Balance" program at the Center for Particle Astrophysics at the University of California, Berkeley.
Shared Positions a Creative Solution for Academic Couples
Natalie Adolphi offers a unique solution to ensure that both members of an academic couple find meaningful employment in their fields.
The Back Page
What Has Happened to Research at Industrial Laboratories?


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