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University of Notre Dame

Workshop Recommendations

  Develop policies that support a work/life balance for all. Examples include allowing personal leave for dependent care, or setting meeting times that do not interfere with parental responsibilities.
 Progress: A consequence of Gender Equity in Physics Program was the creation in January 2010 by the Graduate School of a Task Force to examine the how to make the University of Notre Dame be more family-friendly. The task force was created after a conversation of the physics Director of Graduate Studies with the Dean and as Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Two of the seven members of the appointed task force were physicists (the Director of Graduate Studies and a graduate student).
 Impact: A significant result of this task force was the creation of a Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation Policy for graduate students (a first for a Catholic graduate program). Information on the task force and the new policies has recently become available at:

(Last Updated: January 5, 2012)

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