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University of Houston

Workshop Recommendations

  Actively recruit majors and inform them of the diverse career paths open to them with a bachelors degree in physics (only 1 in 7 bachelor degrees in physics will go on to receive a PhD).
 Progress: A strong QuarkNet summer program along with frequent Saturday Physics programs for high school physics students has been focussed on recruiting more majors, including women and under-represented minorities.
 Impact: Information Unavailable
  Create flexible tracks for physics majors to allow interdisciplinary studies.
 Progress: New programs in Biological Physics and Computational Physics are in the process of being formally approved as separate degrees.
 Impact: Information Unavailable
  The chair/managers should schedule regular meetings (at least once a year) with female students in their unit to get their opinion of the environment for women in that unit. This can also be useful with postdoctoral associates, or early career faculty/scientists.
 Progress: An initial meeting was organized, and provisions for meetings of women students with women faculty exclusively have also been planned. The meetings are luncheons with the department support the cost.
 Impact: Information Unavailable

(Last Updated: January 5, 2012)

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