Gender Equity Conference Organizing Committee

Gender Equity: Strengthening the Physics Enterprise in Universities and National Laboratories

Nora Berrah, Western Michigan University, Workshop Co-Chair
Artie Bienenstock, Stanford University, Workshop Co-Chair
Catherine Fiore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Steering Committee
Mary Ann Mason. University of California, Berkeley, Steering Committee
Patricia Rankin, University of Colorado, Boulder, Steering Committee
Meg Urry, Yale University, Steering Committee
Sherry Yennello, Texas A&M University, Steering Committee
Theodore Hodapp, Director of Education & Diversity, APS
Sue Otwell, Education Programs Administrator, APS

Linda Blevins, DOE, Office of Basic Energy Sciences
Eric Rohlfing, Director, DOE, Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Geosciences,
    and Biosciences Division
Joseph Dehmer, Director, NSF Physics Division
Lance Haworth, Director, NSF Material Research Division
Kathleen McCloud, Program Director, NSF Physics Division
G. Wayne Van Citters, Director, NSF Division of Astronomical Sciences