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Empower more women to earn degrees in physics.

A top priority of APS is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all those engaged in physics. Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) support this goal by empowering more women to earn degrees in physics.

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As recently as 2015, a mere 20% of STEM bachelor's degrees were awarded to women in physics (source). You can make a difference—every donation will help CUWiP reach more undergraduate students and motivate them to complete their degrees.

CUWiP consists of three-day regional conferences held at college campuses across the U.S. and Canada. Funding typically comes from federal sources, local institutions, and registration fees. However, we need your help to meet the growing demand for these academic gatherings.

“When you see other people experiencing the same struggles and, even more importantly, you see role models who look and talk like you, you realize that this is something you can do, too.”
– Nicole Pfiester, Tufts University (Symmetry Magazine)

In 2019, eleven U.S. institutions served as host sites for over 1,800 attendees after receiving more applications than ever before. However, approximately 250 students who applied to participate were turned away due to limited resources. With your assistance, we can expand CUWiP to meet the needs of more aspiring physicists.

Gifts of $300, $750, or $1,500 will enable 2, 5, or 10 more women to participate.

The majority of female physics majors in the U.S. attend at least one CUWiP event during their studies. These students attest to the positive impact this experience has on their ability to aspire beyond undergraduate academic pursuits. CUWiP meetings give students a space to build their confidence, meet new colleagues and mentors, and explore career options.

Contributions of any size are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Your donation can help CUWiP engage and inspire more undergraduate women in physics. Together we can assist even more students, especially those with less economic means, in meeting their academic and professional goals.

For more information or to donate by check, contact the APS Development Office at Thank you in advance for supporting CUWiP!