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University of Toledo (Physics & Astronomy)

Updated: October 02, 2009

How many tenure-track or tenured faculty -- male/female?

Female 3
Male 19

How many graduate students-- male/female?

female 10
male 44

How many post doctoral associates - male/female?

female 2
male 10

Is there a family leave policy for graduate students? If so, describe.

There is no official family leave policy for graduate students. The University of Toledo adheres to the national Family Medical Leave Act. In our department we make individual arrangements depending upon the circumstances.

Is there family health insurance for graduate students? If so, is it included in the stipend?

Graduate students appointed on a University-funded assistantship are eligible to receive a subsidy co-payment on the premium paid for the University Student Health Insurance. Graduate students who qualify for the insurance subsidy would pay an annual premium. Graduate students who are supported on grant funding (research assistants) often have their health insurance costs paid by the grant. International students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance at the time of registration.

Please describe why someone applying to graduate school who is interested in a female-friendly department should choose your department.

With three women faculty in the department (including, at present, the chair), and a number of female graduate
and undergraduate students, our department offers a welcoming
environment for women interested in physics and astronomy. Our
department is friendly and supportive, with activities to
encourage informal interaction between faculty and students. On campus we have an active chapter of the Association for Women in Science. We also have mentoring programs for women in science areas. We
provide opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students
to work directly with faculty in research efforts
in many different areas, from the development of new solar cells to
the workings of lasers, and from the structure of the atom to the
formation of planets, stars, and galaxies, and the nature of the universe. Our
laboratory facilities are extensive and include state-of-the-art
solar cell deposition equipment, several accelerators, and a 1-meter
telescope (the largest in Ohio) with a high-dispersion spectrograph
which is used for ongoing research by students and faculty. Our
faculty are world-class researchers in many areas, with particular
strengths in materials science and photovoltaics and
astronomy & astrophysics. On the academic side, most of our classes
are small and offer significant one-on-one interaction with faculty,
several of whom are designated as "Master Teachers". We think of our
students as part of the "family", and do everything we can to provide
the mentoring, training, and opportunities for them to succeed in
their chosen area of study. Our placement record for graduating students
in good postdoctoral positions or industry jobs is excellent.

Has the institution had a Climate for Women in Physics Site Visit or Gender Equity Conversation?


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