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Temple University

Updated: August 02, 2012

How many tenure-track or tenured faculty -- male/female?


How many graduate students-- male/female?


How many post doctoral associates - male/female?


Is there a family leave policy for graduate students? If so, describe.

Yes. Temple Graduate Students is unionized. The contract between the graduate student union and Temple University provides a family leave policy for graduate students, including that TA or RA can have some paid leave and unpaid leave.

Is there family health insurance for graduate students? If so, is it included in the stipend?

Yes. The premium is included in the stipend.

Please describe why someone applying to graduate school who is interested in a female-friendly department should choose your department.

Currently Graduate students at Temple University were unionized. The contract between the union and Temple University creates a much friendly environment for female graduate students, inlcuding health benefits and family leave policy etc. The University is also discussing with the union about providing some child care for femaly graduate students. In additon, in our Department, we have 3 very active femal tenured and tenure-track faculty members. They serve as role model for female graduate students.

Has the institution had a Climate for Women in Physics Site Visit or Gender Equity Conversation?


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