Friends of CSWP

The Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP) has established the Friends of CSWP electronic mailing list to assist CSWP in understanding and improving the status of women in physics. Using this mailing list, APS members may easily send suggestions to CSWP and receive news of Committee activities.

Using Friends of CSWP

The Friends of CSWP mailing list can be used for a variety of communication. Examples include:

  • Suggesting issues for CSWP to address
  • Recommending topics and speakers for symposia at APS meetings
  • Nominating qualified women physicists for APS Fellowship, awards, invited talks, and leadership roles in APS
  • Responding to requests by CSWP for new ideas and approaches
  • Collaborating to carry out CSWP work in scientific communities and workplaces
  • We are no longer accepting job announcements or advertising jobs, please refer to our Effective Practices for Recruiting website for assistance.

Joining Friends of CSWP Mailing List

To join the Friends of CSWP mailing list, please send your request to Della Richardson at

The Gazette

The Gazette is the newsletter of the CSWP, which is published twice a year. If you do not already receive it, when you subscribe to the Friends of CSWP Mailing List, your name will be added to the Gazette mailing list, too.
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For further information on the CSWP or its programs, please email