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Color Me Physics

Color Me Physics is a series of books created with the goal of introducing children to physics is a fun, exciting way.

Color Me Physics includes a coloring book of famous physicists and an activity book of games and puzzles. The entire collection is available on the PhysicsCentral web site and can be downloaded and reproduced free of charge.

Comic Books & Physics Superheroes

Color Me Physics Activity Book Color Me Physics

Spectra's Force comic cover

The Original Laser Superhero comic cover

Spectra's Power comic cover

Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair comic cover

What could be more exciting than superheroes solving physics problems? Welcome to PhysicsQuest! PhysicsQuest is an annual hands-on contest in which students use comics and experiments to do their own part to save the day. Join Spectra and her gang as they protect their school against villains and disasters with physics or help Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla strive to light the Chicago World Fair. Past contest comics and activity manuals can still be downloaded on PhysicsCentral.
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