Adopt-a-Physicist Program

Adopt-a-Physicist logoWhile not an APS outreach project, Adopt-a-Physicist, led by Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, is an outstanding volunteer opportunity for those wanting to encourage high school physics students.

Students Connecting with Physicists

Twice a year, Sigma Pi Sigma connects high school physics students with people with a broad range of physics degrees, from B.S. to PhD. Participating physics graduates have had a broad range of careers, backgrounds, interests, and educational levels. Participating physics classes come from high schools all across the United States and abroad.

How Does the Program Work?

At the start of the program, high school classes search through physicist profiles and choose up to five whom they think would be a good fit for their class. By adopting a physicist, a class is registering for a discussion forum hosted by that physicist. The online discussion forums are active for three weeks. Each physicist can only be "adopted" by up to three classes, making lively, in-depth discussions possible.
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